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“On July 25 2022, our Leadership Forum approved the creation of a discernment team to assist our church in navigating tensions within our denomination, the United Methodist Church. This committee was tasked with researching all aspects of what it would look like for us to stay with the UMC or to disaffiliate from the denomination.  This committee will report back to the Leadership Forum their findings and recommendations.  Then the Leadership Forum will act on this information.”


“This page was created to help guide and inform you about these decisions as we prayerfully discern God’s will for Pine Forest.”

“Discernment begins with listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit. Begin a new daily rhythm with 40 Days of Prayer as we discern our way forward as a church.”

“How did we get here? What are the tensions and issues in the UMC? What does "disaffiliate" mean?”


“These are the questions we hope to answer.”

“Along with the vote to disaffiliate from the UMC, we will also take a vote to join the Global Methodist Church. Below you will find a chart comparing the current UMC to the Global Methodist Church.  To learn more about the GMC, check out”

To learn more about the disaffiliation process click below.

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