Who we are

Loving God, Loving People
disciples of Jesus Christ

We are a church community longing to see lives changed by the love of the Father. To see those who are hurting healed by the name of Jesus.

And to see disciples of Jesus sent out as ministers by power of the Holy Spirit.


It is our desire and heart to be a welcoming community of love, mission, prayer, and worship. We would be more than honored if you came to check us out and joined with us in the renewal of all things.


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11am Traditional Service
11am Traditional Service

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History of PFUMC

Pine Forest United Methodist Church began over 50 years ago with the help of some far-sighted members of Dublin First United Methodist Church who recognized the need for a new Methodist church in the community. The current property was selected and purchased in early 1958. The Rev. James H. Wilson, the Dublin District Superintendent at that time, called a meeting for everyone interested to help select a name for the church, and on June 1, 1958 the name Pine Forest Methodist Church was chosen.

The first service and Sunday School were held on June 22, 1958 at the old Moore St. School. The services remained here until the first service took place in the Fellowship Hall on April 10, 1960.


With the leadership and direction of a variety of dedicated people, the church has grown and the facility has expanded to accomodate the present church. Our membership is currently 800! 


We have two services – one contemporary at 9am and one traditional at 11am, along with an active Sunday School program. There are activities and groups for people of all ages!

A Word From Our Pastor

When my children grew up and left the nest, as children of a minister they faced a new challenge:  finding a church home.  It proved to be much more difficult than they ever expected.  Of course, it might be because they could not find a preacher like their dad. (Notice I didn’t say ‘as good as” their dad.)  But it was more than that.  ​They were looking for a church with a warm spirit, solid traditional beliefs, and a place to make new friends.  They were looking for worship that was heartfelt and alive.  They were looking for a church that serves its community and beyond.  


I am only an interim pastor at Pine Forest, filling in for a year as my successor, Wes Moye, continues a long recovery from months of wrestling with covid.  And I am biased.  As a retired pastor now living in Dublin for five years, my wife, Brenda, had long ago joined Pine Forest.  When our middle daughter and her family moved to Dublin a couple of years ago, they landed at Pine Forest.  I guess you could say, as far as endorsing Pine Forest, we walk our talk.  With Christian education and activities for all ages, including a very active youth group, Pine Forest has a lot to offer as it seeks to lift up Jesus.  Check us out!

Don Adams

Interim Senior Pastor